Emailing Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Drag & drop editor
Undo/Redo function
Ready-made email templates
Custom blocks in template
Custom HTML template option
Non-automated emailing
Responsive templates
Retina friendly emails
Mobile friendly design
Desktop email preview
Mobile email preview
Antispam control
Setting the time of sending
Salutation in subject
Follow-Up Email
Intelligent Campaign
Recommending repeatedly purchased products
Subjects pool in emails
Abandoned carts via email
Shopping intents
Unused coupon notification
Nameday greeting
Birthday greeting
Anniversary greeting
Banner campaign via email
First purchase anniversary
Reactivation campaign
Upselling campaign
Products from a previous order to the email
Video in email
Evaluation of satisfaction
Facebook bragging
A/B tests
Language personalisation
Content personalisation
Price personalisation
Unique discount codes
Price updates before mailing
Salutation in subject
Intelligent content creation
Mail flood avoidance
Double opt-in
Transactional emails
Transactional emails
SMS and messengers Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Non-automated SMS
Automated SMS
SMS with sender ID
Abandoned carts via SMS
Messages to Viber
Two-way communication for SMS
Trigger SMS
Transactional SMS
Social networks Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Scheduling posts on Facebook
Scheduling posts on Instagram
Scheduling posts on X
Scheduling posts on LinkedIn
Automated posts to social networks
Abandoned carts to social networks
Custom audiences on Facebook
Trigger to social networks
CRM and segmentation Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Contacts management
Custom contact fields
Intelligent import
Segmentation by attributes
Automatic gender recognition
Automatic language recognition
Automatic cleaning of contacts
Automatic position recognition
Lead scoring
Sales automation
Segmentation by volume of purchases
Segmentation by frequency of purchases
Segmentation by purchases (product categories)
Segmentation by purchases (product brands)
Segmentation by purchases (products)
Segmentation by geolocation
Segmentation by reactions to campaigns
Segmentation by web behaviour
Segmentation by expressed interest
RFM segmentation
CLV - Customer Lifetime Value
NPS - Net Promoter Score
On-site elements Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Drag & Drop editor pop-up
Drag & drop editor landing pages
Pull-out windows
Transparent pop-ups
Mobile-friendly pop-ups
Teaser pop-up
Targeting pop-ups by recent visits
Multi-step pop-ups
Pop-up validity limitation
Pop-up restrictions by location
Pop-up limitations by traffic source
A/B tests
Landing pages / microsites
Landing pages / microsites on your own domain
Landing pages / microsites on your own domain
Online product notifications
Online product bar
Recommending products on the web
Product widgets
Product pop-ups
Web personalization
Content Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Image management
Template management
Minute countdown
Delayed countdown
Daily countdown
QR codes
Content feed from the blog
Content feed from RSS
Collaborative teamwork on the campaign
Approval of content
Data Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure
Integration with e-stores
Integration with websites and blogs
Integration with external systems
Discount Coupon Stacks
Online coupon generation
Import of product feeds
Multi-language support
Multi-currency support
Support for multiple price lists
Multi-market support
Access via API
Data module
Data transformation
Custom reporting
User Audit
Custom notifications
Customization of the environment
Web widgets without limit
Data scraping
FT_CATEGORY_AI Freemium Pay per open All-inclusive Made-to-measure